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DIPAX HeadMouse3D
DIPAX HeadMouse3D
DIPAX HeadMouse3D
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With DIPAX HeadMouse3D it's possible to control your personal computer or notebook with head movements or facial expressions (Headmouse, Headcontrol): a smile, a kiss or the lift of an eyebrow signal to your device that you want to release a mouse click or start a program.

The main feature of this facial expression and head control is its 3D camera: no additional software is needed in order to control mouse clicks such as a double click or to use shortcuts. Through recognition of depths the camera works more exact and allows more freedom of movement than systems operating with a webcam. The cursor moves by following your head movement; should you not able to execute any movement of head, it is also possible to move the cursor to the desired location on the screen with the help of alternative facial expressions, for example a movement of the chin.

In addition, this head control can be used as a joystick or game controller.

DIPAX HeadMouse3D offers unlimited possibilities: Control of a Windows® operated AAC device or an environmental control – commands or devices are simply being assigned to a certain facial expression. This enables paraplegics or persons suffering from progressive diseases such as ALS or multiple sclerosis to gain more independence.
Immediately also DIPAX HeadMouse3D GAMEPAD is available. This software emulates a full joystick, with which most PC games can be played.


news 1.9.2015:

Mit DIPAX HeadMouse3D Computerspiele spielen

Ab sofort können Mit DIPAX® HeadMouse3D Computerspiele, die normalerweise nur mit einem Joystick oder Gamecontroller gesteuert werden, alternativ mit Kopfbewegungen und/oder Gesichtsmimiken gesteuert werden. Dabei erfolgt die Erfassung des Kopfes berührungslos mit einer 3D-Kamera.

DIPAX® HeadMouse3D emuliert einen Joystick mit 8 Achsen, einen 4 Wege Rundblickschalter, zwei Schieberegler und bis zu 128 Joystick-Tasten.




news 04/01/2015:
Now test DIPAX HeadMouse3D at REHAB 2015 in Karlsruhe...

Visit Humanelektronik GmbH in Hall 1, D15 / E14. There you will have the opportunity to test the capabilities of the new head control extensively.



news 03/16/2015

Product 'DIPAX HeadMouse3D' is one of the best ...


BestOf_Online_Marketing_2015_110px   DIPAX HeadMouse3D is "Best OF 2015"






news 10/15/2015

Rehacare 2014: Great media interest to DIPAX HeadMouse3D


Control a wheelchair with DIPAX HeadMouse3D... Video1 | Video2






news 09/01/2014
DIPAX presents a new head and facial expression control with 3D camera on Rehacare 2014 in Düsseldorf from 09/24/2014 to 27/09/2014

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